Grace. Smell. Ellen. Mama.


How do you begin to explain yourself to a a complete stranger? Rather threatening isn’t it.

I’m Ellen Scott and I want the entire world.

I’ve found my soul mate, I gave birth to him in 2013 at nineteen years old. I’ll never forget the beauty of the morning he was born, through the haze of pain I stared out the car window to a surreal ripple of early morning pink sky,Β I remember thinking it was one of the most intense, beautiful moments of all my years. Hours later I was introduced to the love of my life.

I worship people, their stories and truly believe in forgiveness. By surrounding myself with creative creatures, I’ve allowed myself to thrive. Beautiful strangers and life long friends have turned my life around in ways they’ll never understand. I’m forever grateful for every incredible person that has listened, talked or generally given me their precious time of day.

My favorite pass time is being inked. I’m at home in a tree, river or surrounded by a natural environment. I will not conform. My way of life and parenting is exactly how I need it to be. Creative, loving and natural.

I’ve met a gorgeous drumming creature, he makes me smile.

I was raised by feminists, it made me fierce. I’m learningΒ to thrive from my own company and appreciate everything I’ve been blessed with, more than I could possibly explain with words. I live in a beautiful house with my Son, we dance, play, kiss and grow. He feeds my soul and I teach him the wondersΒ of this world through perfect simplicity.

I feel the need to escape. I wander alone whenever I’m not Mama and have been blessed with wonderful experiences. Spontaneity drives me mad and I’m always ready to run. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m brutally honest. I don’t aim to please.

I’m Ellen Scott and I want the entire world.



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