Folding myself into my toddlers bed, he is stroppy. ‘I want a little more play’ he whimpers but it is way past bedtime. My soul sister speaks softly and I watch the cubs face listen, imagine, relax as his body softens beside mine. Her smile is wide and she has a perfect twinkle to her eyes as his full attention is transfixed. I tenderly stroke his golden mane. She speaks of the stars, of the moon, of all his favorite characters traveling to a magical place. She just whispers. Her presence is bewitching; the words she breathes are mesmerizing.

She will be a wonderful Mother some day. She has reminded me that you choose your family. Noah was asleep within minutes.

Another evening this week, I had my parents and three childhood friends around for wine and dinner. I dotted around our tiny kitchen preparing dinner and laughed gratefully for the playful abuse I received. These are my sisters, my parents, my son. I think back on darker times and feel accomplished. These are the people that never gave up. I’m a recovering drug addict, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been raped, emotionally abuse, tested tested tested tested. But I survived. These are the people that saved my life.

In these actions I shall never give up on others. If an individual comes to me for assistance, it is my soulful right to help. Although an intention of friendship and comfort can at times lead to the forgiveness of snakes. I have learnt the hard way not everyone on this earth is good. Emotional and physical safety of yourself, your family and children are priority.

I met a woman years ago in our little village, but only recently have I learnt her struggles, achievements and unworldly strength. It is obvious she is a beautiful lady with much grace but one can never assume another’s battles. It turns out we are rather similar and I am overwhelming appreciative she chose to share her life story with me. When this happens reader, when another soul shares themselves with you, it is human nature to want to listen, to help another. She doesn’t need my help, she wishes for friendship. As do I.

People are brought into your life for a reason. This reason may negative, but it will lead to lessons, allowing you to eventually blossom.

My existence in this life is to protect my lion cub. My entire life ambition is to teach him the kindness my Mother taught me. I wish to educate him in happiness – the simple, perfect pleasures in this world. It is as simple as that.

Mother, Lover, Survivor.

E x

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